Critical Thinking

One of the reasons why we have to be able to read critically, using critical approach in reading and understanding information, is because our reality is shaped by what we read. We should not let our reality be defined by information coming from others' way of seeing the world. Rather, we must use our critical... Continue Reading →

28 Student-Centered Instructional Strategies

The following infographic via Mia MacMeekin provides additional tools (in the form of strategies) that can help create a learning environment that can, depending on the context, more approachable, friendly, or familiar to students in your classroom.

LIVE. Workshop Amal – How to Write a Literature Review

Untuk melihat rekaman LIVE. Workshop Amal - How to Write a Literature Review, silahkan KLIK DISINI Download materi workshop, silahkan KLIK DISINI  Workshop ini membahas bagaimana menyusun kajian pustaka yang kritis sehingga dapat digunakan sebagai bingkai teori penelitian dan kerangka untuk data analisis. Penelitian yang baik bermula dari kajian pustaka yang kritis. Workshop ini adalah... Continue Reading →

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