Discourse is how a language is used socially to express meanings. Language is never neutral as it connects our personal and social worlds (Henry and Tator 2002).

Reading Block

Because writing is a reflective process in which writers critically reflect concepts they obtain from reading activities and develop arguments based on the acquired/comprehended concepts, reading block can simply be  understood as inadequate reading #NoDrama. Read!

Pedagogical Knowledge

Kita (termasuk saya) sering lupa bahwa pengetahuan dalam bidang tertentu (knowledge of a particular subject) berbeda dari pengetahuan dan ketrampilan pedagogis untuk pengajaran bidang tersebut (pedagogical knowledge and skills of the subject). Sehingga, kita sering terjebak pada analogi 'pemain sepak bola yang jago adalah pelatih yang baik untuk siswa sekolah sepak bola' atau analogi 'mike... Continue Reading →

A message for myself

It's easier for us to see our inabilities and doubts, which prevent us from trying, doing and achieving. Perfection is shadowing us, making it difficult to accept flaws and failures. Well, my friends. Focus on abilities and confidence. Try, do and achieve. Perfection is a myth. It's ok to get 7 out of 10, or... Continue Reading →

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