Corpora Resources

Online Corpus PolyU Language bank Over 36 mil words of multilingual, multi-genre corpora free RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora A large collection of texts used in different professions in Hong Kong free A Query to Internet Corpora (Leeds U) Updated general-purpose online corpora with different languages British National Corpus (1980-1993) A standard English corpus often used as... Continue Reading →


Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live. (Anne Sweeney)

The Effective Teacher

Impressing others by complicating simple things is easy, but simplifying complicated things to make others understand is more challenging. It requires a higher level of comprehension, empathy, and the ability to deliver meanings/messages clearly.    

Writing a Scientific Manuscript

Scientific manuscript writing requires writers (researchers) to use various genres (cognitive genres - Bruce, 2008). In this post, I arrange the sample practices provided by UEfAP based on the basic structure of a scientific article. The arrangement will help you understand how particular genres are used in article sections, and allow you to compare genres... Continue Reading →

Why scientific manuscripts are rejected?

Summarizing various reasons for rejection of scientific manuscripts, Lucey (2015) proposed 12 dominant factors:   Clarity: the paper needs to tell us what it is doing. If there are a host of good ideas all crowding each other out then in the confines of the space available in a modern journal article this is going to present... Continue Reading →

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