Without grammar very little can be conveyed. Without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. Wilkins, 1972, p. 111

How do you know a journal is legitimate?

As a researcher or scholar under pressure to publish, you may accept solicitations to submit articles for publication even if you are not familiar with the journal or publisher. Some of these offers are legitimate but others turn out to be scams perpetrated by predatory publishers. It is wise to take a few basic steps... Continue Reading →

Is this journal credible?

Finding the right [read: credible] journal for our manuscripts, which is part of the publication game, is not easy as predatory/bogus journals are designed to ‘look’ like the credible ones. It becomes more difficult as different publishers have different publication standards and guidelines. We can, however, use certain indicators to examine the credibility of journals.... Continue Reading →

Design Thinking

I've been thinking about how to apply 'design thinking' in education, especially in English language teaching. How can design thinking be used to innovate in teaching? The design-thinking framework follows an overall flow of 1) understand, 2) explore, and 3) materialize. Within these larger buckets fall the 6 phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and... Continue Reading →

Life standards

If you don't set your own standards, others will, and those standards can be lower than your expectations. That's what I learned. So, set your standards and achieve them. Be self-reliant


The tiger claw sat next to the master. Why Shifu? He asked. You have to know your value, your capacity, so that people's opinions don't drag you down and you don't expect to much from the world. You know my son, not knowing your capacity is your biggest defeat. We don't need battles to prove... Continue Reading →

Eisenhower Matrix

Task management is challenging! The number of tasks that we have to manage every day and various degrees of importance of the tasks require us to implement effective strategies so that we can work effectively/productively and complete the tasks based on priorities. Eisenhower matrix is one of the strategies which we can use to manage our tasks.... Continue Reading →


Don't spend too much time fixing things you are not good at. Focus on things you are good at. Improve!

Digital Tools for Researchers

Connected Research has just updated their list of digital tools for researchers. I post the list on the Resource Section. I must thank Thomas Crouzier for updating the list. #research

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