Talking about health

1. Do you care about <p class = tooltip2><b>to care about</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to pay attention to something</p><p class = tooltip2><i>If you don’t care about your health when you are still young, you will cope with more health problems when you are old.</i></p> your health <p class = tooltip2><b>health</b> (level: pre-intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>good general condition, the state of having no illnesses and feeling well</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She had to give up smoking not to damage her health any more.</i></p>? How?

2. Do you always eat healthy food?

3. Do you eat a lot of vegetables <p class = tooltip2><b>vegetables</b> (level: elementary)</p><p class = tooltip2>(usually) a plant or a root that you eat, which is good for your health</p><p class = tooltip2><i>If you want to lose weight you should eat more vegetables instead of sweets.</i></p> and fruits <p class = tooltip2><b>fruits</b> (level: elementary)</p><p class = tooltip2>usually a sweet and tasty part of a tree or a bush which can be eaten directly from that tree/bush</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Oranges are my favourite fruits.</i></p>?

4. Do you often eat fruits?

5. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?

6. Do you often eat junk food <p class = tooltip2><b>junk food</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>food that is quick to prepare and easy to eat, but very unhealthy, because it contains a lot of fat</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She doesn’t let her children eat junk food any more, after she realised how much fat it contains.</i></p>?

7. Do you smoke <p class = tooltip2><b>to smoke</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to breathe smoke through the mouth, mainly from a cigarette or a pipe</p><p class = tooltip2><i>He used to smoke about  three packets of cigarettes a day, which made him die of lung cancer at young age.</i></p>?

8. Have you ever been on a diet <p class = tooltip2><b>diet</b> (level: pre-intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>eating less or more healthy food in order to become slim or feel better</p><p class = tooltip2><i>“Would you like a piece of cake?” “No thanks, I’m on a diet.”</i></p>?

9. How do you spend your free time?

10.   Do you do any sport? What sport?

11.   Do you exercise <p class = tooltip2><b>to exercise</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a physical activity that you do to be healthy and strong</p><p class = tooltip2><i>If you exercise while being on a diet, you are more likely to succeed and lose your weight more quickly.</i></p>? If so, what kind of exercise do you do?

12.   Are you muscular <p class = tooltip2><b>muscular</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>strong, with well-developed muscles</p><p class = tooltip2><i>He wants to be more muscular, so he started to go to the local gym every day.</i></p>?

13.   Do you have a good physical condition <p class = tooltip2><b>good physical condition</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>the state, in which you do not get tired easily while doing physical activities</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Her physical condition is not good enough to go climbing with us.</i></p>?

14.   Are you a member of a fitness club?

15.   Do you often catch a cold <p class = tooltip2><b>catch a cold</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to become infected, which leads to a cough and a running nose, sometimes with a fever and pain in muscles</p><p class = tooltip2><i>He said he wouldn’t come to the party, because he’d caught a cold.</i></p>?

16.   Do you take medicine <p class = tooltip2><b>medicine</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a pill or a liquid that you take as a treatment for illnesses or injuries or as a prevention from them</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I prefer natural medicines, especially those based on herbs.</i></p> when you catch a cold?

17.   Do you take a lot of medicine?

18.   Do you often take pain-killers <p class = tooltip2><b>pain-killers</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>medicine, pills that make you feel less pain</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I always have some pain-killers at home in case I may have this terrible headache again.</i></p>?

19.   Do you have regular medical check-ups <p class = tooltip2><b>medical check-ups</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>medical examination</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I used to have regular medical check-ups when I was younger, but now I have no time for that.</i></p>?

20.   How often do you visit a dentist?

21.   Have you ever had braces <p class = tooltip2><b>braces</b> (level: advanced)</p><p class = tooltip2>a device that you wear to move your teeth to the right position in order to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She’s got a perfect smile. She must have worn braces.</i></p> on your teeth?

22.   Do you suffer from <p class = tooltip2><b>to suffer from</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to experience pain (physical or mental)</p><p class = tooltip2><i>If you don’t care about your health when you’re young, you’ll suffer from various diseases when you’re old.</i></p> headaches <p class = tooltip2><b>headache</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>pain in your head</p><p class = tooltip2><i>When I work too much I end up having a terrible headache in the evening.</i></p>?

23.   Do you suffer from backaches <p class = tooltip2><b>backache</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>pain in your back</p><p class = tooltip2><i>He had to stop exercising in the gym for a month after he’d got that terrible backache.</i></p>?

24.   Do you suffer from any other aches?

25.   Do you suffer from allergies <p class = tooltip2><b>allergy</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>becoming ill or having skin problems because of being close to certain substances or eating certain food</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I had to sell all my cats after I found out that I have an allergy to their fur.</i></p>?

26.   Have you ever been to hospital? If so, what happened?

27.   Have you ever lost consciousness <p class = tooltip2><b>to lose consciousness</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>the state in which you are not awake and you don’t know what is happening around you</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She lost consciousness in this accident and never woke up again.</i></p>?

28.   How long do you normally sleep at night?

29.   Do you take naps <p class = tooltip2><b>to take a nap</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to go to sleep for a short period of time, especially during the day</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I am used to taking a 20-minute nap after my dinner.</i></p> during the day?

30.   Do you suffer from insomnia <p class = tooltip2><b>insomnia</b> (level: advanced)</p><p class = tooltip2>the state in which you cannot sleep at night</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She has a lot of stress in her live, so she lies in her bed for several hours before she can fall asleep.</i></p>?

31.   Do you often have to take sleeping pills <p class = tooltip2><b>sleeping pills</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a pill that makes it easier for you to fall asleep</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I always have to take a sleeping pill before an important meeting or exam, because I usually can’t fall asleep because of stress.</i></p>?

32.   Have you ever broken a bone <p class = tooltip2><b>bone</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a hard part of people’s and animals’ body</p><p class = tooltip2><i>If you are older it is easier to break a bone.</i></p>?

33.   Have you ever sprained a joint <p class = tooltip2><b>joint</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a place of your body that connects two bones</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I sprained my knee joint when I was jogging, so I went to the doctor.</i></p>?

34.   Have you ever had a serious accident <p class = tooltip2><b>accident</b> (level: pre-intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>something that happens suddenly, when nobody expects, and usually has bad consequences</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Two people died in the car accident that happened in front of her house.</i></p>? What happened?

35.   Do you know your blood group <p class = tooltip2><b>blood group</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>blood type</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She has a rare blood group B RH negative.</i></p>?

36.   Have you ever donated blood <p class = tooltip2><b>to donate blood</b> (level: advanced)</p><p class = tooltip2>to give blood so that it is stored for people who may need it after an accident or an operation</p><p class = tooltip2><i>He has a rare blood group so I suggested that he starts donating blood, because it may save somebody’s life.</i></p>?

37.   Have you ever donated marrow <p class = tooltip2><b>to donate marrow</b> (level: advanced)</p><p class = tooltip2>to have the tissue that you have in your bones taken by a trained person so that it is used for somebody who may need it as a result of a serious illness</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I was registered in the Bone Morrow Bank a month ago, and if they informed me some day that my morrow is needed for somebody else, I wouldn’t hesitate a minute.</i></p>?

38.   Do you live in a big city or in a village?

39.   (If you live in a big city) Is there high air pollution <p class = tooltip2><b>air pollution</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>damage caused to air by certain substances</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Something needs to be done to prevent further air pollution in big cities.</i></p> in your city?

40.   What kind of air pollution is harmful <p class = tooltip2><b>harmful</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>causing harm, damage</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Smoking and drinking alcohol is harmful to your health.</i></p> to people’s health?

41.   Do you have a lot of stress in your life?

42.   What do you do to relax after a stressful day?

43.   Are you afraid of <p class = tooltip2><b>afraid of</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>feeling fear or worry</p><p class = tooltip2><i>I am afraid of spiders and snakes.</i></p> getting old?

44.   What do you think about alternative medicine <p class = tooltip2><b>alternative medicine</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a range of treatments that people use instead or with traditional medicine</p><p class = tooltip2><i>She decided on an alternative medicine that is based on hypnotherapy, because she believes that all those pills prescribed by her doctor irritate her stomach.</i></p>?

45.   Have you ever tried alternative medicine?

46.   What are the most dangerous <p class = tooltip2><b>dangerous</b> (level: pre-intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>able to harm you</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Don’t touch the cages when you are in a zoo. The animals can be very dangerous.</i></p> diseases <p class = tooltip2><b>disease</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>illness</p><p class = tooltip2><i>The first symptom of this disease is a cough and a fever.</i></p> of our times?

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