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Accepting and Declining Invitations

Making an invitation

·         Would you like to…?

·         I would very happy if…?

·         We would be delighted if you…?

·         Would you care to..?

·         We would be pleased if you could…?

·         Would you care to…?

Accepting invitation

·         That’s very kind of you

·         We’d like very much to….

·         What a delightful idea

·         With the greatest pleasure

·         Thank you very much for inviting me

·         It’s delightful to….

Declining invitation

·         I’m very sorry, I don’t

·         Think I can.

·         I’d like to, but ….

·         I’m afraid I’ve

·         Already promised….

·         Thank you for asking me, but ….

·         Unfortunately  , I can’t….

Expression to make, accept or decline in vitiation informal situation

Making invitation

·         Why don’t you come to…

·         Like to come to …

·         Come and …

·         Shall we come to …

·         You must come to …

Accepting invitation

·         I would/will …

·         That would be very nice

·         OK,I will be there !

·         I’d like love to come.

·         All right.

·         Sure, I am coming

Declining invitation

·         Sort, I can’t.

·         I’d love to, but …

·         I don’t think I can.

·         In wish I could, but …

·         Sorry, I am very busy

·         Sorry, may be next time

·         Thank you, but I can’t

·         Sorry, I don’t think I

·         Can’t make it

·         I’m so sorry I can make it

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